Inside Out

The keynote speaker is Andrew Graystone, and his subject will be ‘Upside Down: A different way of looking at your church’s mission’.  Andrew Graystone is a well-known writer and broadcaster whose voice will be familiar to Radio 2 and Radio 4 listeners from Prayer for the Day and the Daily Service.  Bishop Jonathan will close the conference by discussing ‘My vision for an inside out church’.

There will be 16 workshops for you to choose from, all concerned with how lay people can take the love and joy they find inside the church out beyond its walls:

  • Being a Christian in a digital world
  • Faith at home with children
  • Growing faith with teenagers
  • Unity and diversity in mission and outreach
  • Generous living every day
  • Nurturing your grandchildren in faith
  • Personal Bible reading
  • Black lives matter
  • Outward-looking for the environment
  • Everyday faith
  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Church buildings for mission
  • What 2020 taught us about how to be a Christian
  • A mending circle
  • Sharing the Bible in primary schools
  • Modern slavery

Saturday, 6th November, 2021 10:00 am-3:30 pm