Proverbs chapter 8 invites us to consider the God-given beauty and wonder of creation – the wisdom that is the creator’s “daily delight” and that calls to us  beside the way. Peter Wohlleben’s book The Hidden Life of Trees uncovers the forest’s social networks that share nutrients and warn of impending danger, revealing trees as complex and wonderful living things.

In a context of prayer and based in the countryside around the Diocesan Retreat House, Wychcroft, this retreat will draw on the wisdom of the Hidden Life of Trees to help us think about how we look after ourselves and how we develop communities of support and encouragement.

The Venerable John Kiddle, Archdeacon of Wandsworth, who discovered this book whilst on sabbatical, will lead this session with the Revd Canon Wendy Robins.

For clergy and those that hold the Bishop’s licence.

Residential, from Monday 21st to Thursday 24th November.

Monday, 21st November, 2022