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This simple stewardship programme is designed to inform members of the congregation about the finances of their church and to encourage them to become more responsible in their giving, by helping them to recognise that, as far as the maintenance of the work, ministry and mission of their church is concerned...The Responsibility Is Ours.


The main feature is a presentation to which all the congregation is personally invited. This presentation normally takes place during the main Sunday Service.


Financial facts and figures are presented with the help of a PowerPoint presentation.

The emphasis is on:

  • affirming what has been achieved in the past
  • helping the congregation to value their church
  • encouraging them to take responsibility for their church's house-keeping.


Following an introduction the presentation explains the current financial situation in simple terms:

  • Weekly costs
  • Weekly income
  • Future needs
  • Present patterns of giving

It will also explain the Parish Share (quota).

It will give clear guidelines on how a response can be made and outline the importance of:

  • Proportionate giving
  • Regular giving
  • Tax efficient giving i.e. Gift Aid

Three essential features of a successful campaign

  • Good attendance at the presentation
  • Follow up of those not attending the presentation
  • Asking for 100% response and collection of all outstanding responses.

Do It Yourself

The programme is available to parishes and other Dioceses as a D.I.Y. pack and can be purchased by contacting the Diocesan Stewardship Resources Officer.


An adviser can work with the Planning Group and do the presentation.

Either Way...

The Communications and Resources Department is always available for advice and can:

  • Train visitors
  • Print and supply personalised literature
  • Give adhoc advice.

How Long?

Normally at least 6 weeks from initial planning to final response.


This programmes concentrates only on money. It is designed to encourage more responsible attitudes to financial giving. In the long term it is not substitute for a Christian Stewardship Programme which can lead to deeper commitment to Christ that will be reflected in a more generous giving of time, talents and treasure.

TRIO can encourage MORE people to:

  • give regularly
  • give more
  • make their giving tax efficient