Our Vision

Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth


Many parishes want to get more people involved in the life of the Church. They would like people to give more of themselves both in the time and abilities that they use in the service of God and in the financial resources that they set free for the Church to use.

It is important to introduce the principles behind and practice of Christian Stewardship in a non-threatening but clear way. This will enable people to begin to consider committing their God-given resources of time, abilities and money to the Christian Community

Pass-it-on is a stewardship programme, pioneered in the Diocese of Truro, which is designed to introduce a parish to the principles of Christian Stewardship. It is also appropriate as a reminder to those parishes who have not reviewed their stewardship giving for some time. Pass-it-on is an ideal follow up to TRIO but may be used independently.

It is essential that the Parish should have a Parish Plan before undertaking a Pass-it-on Programme. Communications & Resources can help you to develop a Parish Plan as part of the programme.

What is Pass-It-On?

At the heart of the Programme is the circulation of Pass-it-on folders to the homes of Church members. Each folder contains:

  • the names of people living in eight households in close geographical proximity;
  • separate envelopes contain information and material for each of them. Each household keeps the folder for no more than twenty-four hours before passing it on to the next person the list. Each person keeps the information they have been given but puts their Response Forms into the envelopes on the back of the pack.

The Launch Event

To ensure that your Pass-it-on programme is successful it is important to organize a Launch Event to which people are individually invited. This can be a special service or a special event, possibly with refreshments, making sure that as many people as possible can attend.

The Presentation

The Parish Plan is presented in a brief and compelling way, giving details of what is needed, if the parish is going to fulfill this Plan. This will cover the giving of time, abilities and money. The Pass-it-on pack is explained and people are told how to make their response to what they have heard.

Do It Yourself

The Programme is available in a D.I.Y form or the Diocesan Stewardship Resources Officer can work with the Planning Group and make the Presentation.

Either Way

Communications & Resources can:

  • train the Pack Leaders
  • supply personalised literature.

How Long?

The Programme itself takes a maximum of three weeks but it does need careful preparation to be successful which can take three to four months.

First Steps

  • Get agreement from the P.C.C.
  • Appoint a Planning Group

PASS-IT-ON can encourage people to become more involved in the life of the parish by:

  • giving more time
  • sharing their abilities
  • giving more money on a regular basis

For further information, contact the Diocesan Stewardship Resources Officer.