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Stewardship programmes

We can offer a range of stewardship programmes to help parishes tackle this important area of Christian life. The programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of individual parishes and our Head of Giving can support you in running your initiative. Alternatively, we can provide parishes with DIY packs.

The success of any programmes will depend on:

  • the full support of the PCC
  • a dedicated planning group working to clear timescales.

For more information and help contact Gabby Parikh.

The programmes we currently offer are:

TRIO (The Responsibility is Ours)

This planned giving campaign presents the income and expenditure of the parish and challenges the congregation to respond in light of that information.

  • Focuses only on money.
  • Based around a financial presentation to the congregation which includes:
    • the finances of their church
    • the Fairer Shares Scheme
    • the importance of regular giving
    • how to give, ie by standing order or envelopes
    • proportionate giving
    • Gift Aid.
  • All church members receive an information pack and are encouraged to respond.
  • Active follow-up of responses is key.
  • Can take as little as six weeks from initial planning to final response.
  • Usually has a good success rate.

Best for: parishes that wish to address financial giving in their congregation as a priority.

Giving is God's Way

Grounded in biblical teaching about generosity, Giving is God's Way is a stewardship programme which helps individuals to consider how best to respond to God's generosity and use the gifts they have received.

  • Focuses on biblical teaching as well as money.
  • Based around a series of small group studies.
  • All church members receive a financial information pack to which they are encouraged to respond. The pack includes:
    • information about the finances of their church
    • information about the importance of regular giving
    • how to give, ie by standing order or envelopes
    • information about proportionate giving
    • information about Gift Aid.
  • Church members are also encouraged to consider how they can donate their time and talents as well as money.
  • Active follow-up of responses is key.
  • Takes around 14 weeks from initial planning to final response.

Best for: parishes that want to encourage individuals to consider prayerfully all aspects of their giving in response to God's generosity to them.


This is a shorter and simpler programme designed for parishes who have lots of new members or are new to the principles of Christian stewardship.

  • Generally also used as a follow up to TRIO
  • Introduces the principles of stewardship of finances, time and talents in a simple, non-threatening way
  • Does not require specialist knowledge to run as a DIY programme
  • Begins with the development of a Parish Mission Plan
  • Involves the circulation of Pass-it-on folders to the homes of church members
  • The main feature is a presentation to which all the congregation is personally invited. This normally takes place as part of the main Sunday service but may be a special 'launch event'.
  • Takes three to four weeks to run, but requires up to three months to plan.

Best for: parishes in which congregation members live near to one another and want to consider all aspects of stewardship.