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Resources and publications

We have a range of materials available to support parishes in their work with stewardship. Leaflets are sold at cost and free samples available. DIY packs to support the stewardship programmes are also available. Contact Gabby Parikh, Head of Giving, for details.

God's generosity: our response

God's Generosity: our response (cover)In April 2015 we launched 'God's generosity: our response' - a new set of Bible studies designed to help small groups to think together about how best to respond to God's generosity in sending Christ into the world to give God's people a way back to God.



'KEEPING STEWARDSHIP IN THE PICTURE... Preaching and teaching on stewardship'

Keeping stewardship in the picture


A booklet which aims to help those with responsibility for teaching and preaching within the parish with useful hints on using the Bible to make sure that stewardship issues are kept in mind by the whole congregation.


Resources include

TRIO Resource pack - The step by step guide to running a TRIO campaign including sample leaflets and a template for the PowerPoint presentation. £40. Contact the Head of Giving for more details and to purchase.

GEM Resource pack - The step by step guide to running a GEM campaign. £45.

Pass-it-on Resource pack - The step by step guide to running a Pass-it-on campaign. £15

Gift Aid – A leaflet outlining the Gift Aid scheme and how your church can benefit. 8p each

The Church is Always Asking for Money - A leaflet explaining why we need to give to the church. 9p each