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Preaching and teaching on stewardship

God's generosity: our response

God's Generosity: our response (cover)'God's generosity: our response' is a new set of Bible studies designed to help small groups to think together about how best to respond to God's generosity in sending Christ into the world to give God's people a way back to God. 

Keeping Stewardship in the Picture

To help those with responsibility for teaching and preaching within the parish we have produced a booklet called 'Keeping Stewardship in the Picture... preaching and teaching on stewardship'. It is designed to help you put stewardship issues firmly on the agenda in your church and help it to be seen as more than simply a way to pay the bills!

Keeping stewardship in the picture

The contents include:

  • Preaching on stewardship
  • Using lectionary readings
  • Popular stewardship passages
  • Useful websites and books

For a copy of this booklet, please contact our Head of Giving, Gabby Parikh.

Featured in the booklet are Bible Passages on Stewardship

There are some well known and popular passages for preaching on stewardship and probably the best known of these are:

Deuteronomy 26:1-15 - First fruits and tithes. This describes the Israelites giving a thanksgiving offering to God for all that they have received. How often do we thank God for everything we have been blessed with?

1 Chronicles 29: 1-25 - David makes a personal donation towards the building of the temple before he asks for voluntary contributions. This makes a great model for a PCC!

Acts 4:32-37 – Believers in Christ show themselves to be willing to share their possessions and to make personal sacrifices in order to help others.

Romans 15:22-29 – Paul distributes a gift of money amongst the churches which represents hope and thanksgiving.

James 2:1-7 - Make no distinction between rich and poor; do not judge on appearances (a good justification for proportionate giving).

2 Corinthians 8&9 - In order to challenge the generosity of the Corinthians, Paul uses the example of a church in Macedonia who promised to give to the work of the people in Jerusalem and urged Paul to accept their gift even though they were very poor. This passage teaches us about generosity, giving because God first gave to us (8:9), giving proportionately (8:12) and that all we give goes to help support God's mission either in the parish, elsewhere in the Diocese or the world.

The Lectionary readings often have a stewardship theme and there are many other stewardship passages that lend themselves to preaching on this topic.