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The following pages are designed to help you whether you are coming to these pages to think about your own stewardship of God's resources or because you want to think about how your parish might take stewardship more seriously.

You will find information about the resources on offer from the Diocese of Southwark and pointers to other useful material.

What is Christian Stewardship?

Christian stewardship is about:

  • how we live as Christian disciples
  • how we manage all the world’s resources
  • how we use all that God has given to us as individuals

God's generosity: our response

God's Generosity: our response (cover)In April 2015 we launched 'God's generosity: our response' - a new set of Bible studies designed to help small groups to think together about how best to respond to God's generosity in sending Christ into the world to give God's people a way back to God.


We also have a series of resources to help churches encourage legacy giving.

We can help!

The Head of Giving and Director of Press & Communications are available to come to visit your parish. We can assist you with stewardship in many ways including:

  • talking to the incumbent, stewardship planning committee or PCC about stewardship and the programmes we offer
  • planning and implementing a stewardship programme in the parish in consultation with the PCC and incumbent
  • preaching on stewardship
  • advising on fundraising
  • planning a mission day to help focus church resources

Or come and visit us at Trinity House.

We do not charge for our time but if we visit a parish to do a presentation or to preach we simply charge travel expenses or mileage.


For more information and help contact Gabby Parikh.