Our Vision

Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth

How we can help

Your church is an important part of your local community and having the confidence and respect of local people/organisations is vital to its ministry.

The media can help you get your message across. People often have strong feelings about what the Church says and does. The right approach can help the media make a fair summary of it. Regular positive media coverage will increase your public awareness and build up trust with your parishioners.

Getting good news out

Building up a good relationship with your local media, by regularly telling them what's going on in your church, will encourage journalists to keep coming back to you for good news stories and comments.

What to do if there is bad news

Sometimes, however, things go wrong and you might be contacted by the media about something that isn't good news. Don't worry; part of Press & Communications' brief is to be there with support and advice when you need it.

People who can help

Part of the service we offer to parishes is help and advice on all matters regarding communications - from how to set up a newsletter to running a parish website.