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Downham: St Luke

Part of the Catford (Southend) and Downham Team Ministry


North Downham
Kent BR1 5JR

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Details of Church

Built: 1928
Architect: Sir Charles Nicholson
Listing: not listed

St Luke's Church is said to have been built in 1928. It is of very solid brick construction but was damaged in the Second World War and repaired.

The church consists of a wide nave and an almost equally wide parallel aisle roofed over by twin gabled roofs with a valley gutter between. Entrance is from two sides of a low ceilinged lean-to "porch" from which two pointed arches lead into the nave and one into the aisle. The nave and aisle are separated by a row of pointed arches. Both have partly exposed roof trusses and curved ceilings finished with a sheet material in panels, probably plywood. The nave and the aisle are approximately 8m high. Windows are mostly set in groups at high level separated by brick piers. They are glazed with leaded lights and clear glass.

The choir stalls are original, low and painted white. The font is solidly constructed and easily accessible. There is a well maintained organ. Almost every chair is provided with an individually embroidered kneeler. Decorations are light, cheerful and warm.