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Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth

Everyday Faith

I am pleased to welcome you to the Everyday Faith pages of the Diocesan website.

Our Diocesan Vision focuses on highlighting the role of lay people in our churches, seeking to grow the number of ordained and lay vocations by 50% by 2025, and to expand opportunities for licensed and commissioned lay leadership.   This is such an important piece of work in our Diocese as we seek to raise the profile of the work of Christian lay people both in their parish and in the wider world. Our aim is to help our parishioners to have the tools to think about how their Christian faith impacts the way they live their life each and every day.

On the following pages you will find material which will help you to consider more about how you live your life of faith in your workplace, volunteering or at home. The Seven Small Shifts page is designed to help parishes consider how best to spark conversations in church that will inspire and encourage Everyday Faith.  Here in the Diocese we have decided to focus primarily on This Time Tomorrow and Visiting People in their Context.  I hope that you will find this material inspirational as we move on with this exciting focus.

May we all know more fully God’s great love for us in Jesus Christ and want to share this widely with gladness and joy.  With my thanks for our partnership in the Gospel.

Bishop Christopher