Our Vision

Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth

Listen & Reflect

Stage one: Triple listening

1. To God in prayer

Encouraging the whole church to pray is the first step in the MAP process. Plan for prayer cards, small groups, prayer walks, map of parish area, prayer days. Consider how you can capture impressions, scriptures, pictures, possibilities, what people sense God might be saying.

2. To the church – who are we?    

Below are a selection of surveys you can use as tools for the church to reflect on its story, worship, community life and resources available for mission.

SWOT template

Six Questions on Faith, Hope and Love

Robert Warren’s book Seven signs of a healthy church contains templates and guidance for a three-hour church profile workshop.

Four marks of vital congregations

Skills and talents questionnaire

Five Marks of Mission evaluation


Missing generations

Creation care

Building review

3. To the wider local community – where are we?

Below are a selection of surveys you can use as tools to listen to the local community, asking for reflections from your congregation and questions you can take to people in the wider parish. The Church Urban Fund and Office for National Statistics are good starting places for statistics.

Community engagement questionnaire

Key person Interview

Church questionnaire on community

Listening to your network community

Understanding the key dynamics of your community

Stage two: Reflection on what has emerged

This stage is about bringing together the insights that have been gained from the triple listening process outlined above.

  • What has been discerned in prayer?
  • What resources does the church have for mission?
  • What mission opportunities have you discovered?