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Non Stipendiary Ministry

The Diocese of Southwark has more than 190 clergy who are not paid a stipend.  Some are volunteers who give their time willingly to serve the church as ordained ministers.  Others fulfil roles as chaplains in hospitals, schools and prisons, or exercise their ministry primarily in the workplace.

These clergy provide a significant and valuable resource to the church, not only because of their generous gifts of time and talents, but also because they often bring significant experience to the church from their local community or employment.  They are supported by the Bishop’s Advisory Group for Non Stipendiary Ministry, which is chaired by Canon Mandy Ford.  The Advisory Group was established in 2015 following a review of non-stipendiary ministry.

All NSM and Associate Clergy should have a working agreement. This should be regularly reviewed with the incumbent of the parish in which the minister holds a licence.