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Clergy & MDR

Ministerial Development for Clergy

We offer a range of support and training for clergy in response to needs identified through Ministerial Development Review.

MDR is an ongoing process which enables those who hold the Bishop’s license:

  • to reflect before God on our vocation and ministry

  • to identify areas for thanksgiving and lament, receiving affirmation and challenge

  • to set some priorities for personal and ministerial development.

The process, which all who hold their posts under Common Tenure must participate in, and those with freehold are warmly invited to undertake, is carried out every 18 months.

Useful documents

MDR Guidance (.docx, 139kb)

360 degree review forms (.docx, 13.5kb)

Agreed Records (.docx, 34kb)

Ministerial Development Plan

Clergy are warmly invited to meet with the Director for a conversation at any time to discuss their development needs, and in particular for advice regarding a Ministerial Development Plan, Sabbatical planning or further academic study.

Grants are available for some aspects of training, including the provision of transitional coaching for clergy new to a role of responsibility or looking for a new appointment. However, grants are only given for activities identified in a Ministerial Development Plan.

CMD Grant Guidance (.docx, 55.4kb)

Grants for Academic Study (.docx, 36kb)

Sabbatical Guidance (.docx, 43kb)

Clergy Sabbatical FAQs for Parishes (.docx, 131kb)