Our Vision

Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth

Discipleship, Mission and Vocation

The Bishop’s Officers for Discipleship and Ministry, Mission and Evangelism, and Vocations are Directors of three separate – though closely linked – Diocesan Departments. Although each department has its own areas of focus and members of staff, there is a clear ethos and commitment to interdepartmental working and collaboration as we seek together to work towards the shared vision of the Diocese.

We are three teams working together intentionally and strategically to promote, enable and encourage growth; in numbers of disciples of Jesus, worshiping communities, lay and ordained ministries: seeking to help the whole people of God in the Diocese of Southwark to grow in depth of faith, and lives of service and worship. Within this vision we actively seek to be more inclusive and more diverse reflecting the rich diversity of our Diocese, working as a team of reflective practitioners learning together and responding to the Holy Spirit in the world.

The Mission & Evangelism Department

exists to serve the parishes of the Diocese in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, demonstrating the kingdom of God and growing the church in numbers, depth and faith. This department includes Children and Young People.

The Vocations Department

seeks to foster vocational renewal across the Diocese and, in supporting and discerning God’s call to each person in the service of His Kingdom, to increase and diversify both those offering themselves for ordained and licensed ministries in the Church and other forms of ministry more widely.

The Discipleship & Ministry Department

seeks to enable lay people to live out their calling as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, to foster collaborative ministry and to develop authorised and ordained ministers as leaders for a church in mission.