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The Good Child Report 2015, by The Children’s Society. To read this interesting report on children’s well-being,  www.childrenssociety.org.ukClick on ‘Research’, then ‘Research Publications’

From Anecdote to Evidence, findings from the Church Growth Research programme 2014. This report highlights the importance of work with children and young people in the growth of the church. Find it here

From Evidence to Action a website that builds on the findings of Anecdote to Evidence http://www.fromevidencetoaction.org.uk

Going for Growth:  Transformation for children, young people and the Church Jan 2010 This report underpins much of the current strategy of the Church of England for children and young people – a very important document. https://www.churchofengland.org/media/59351/goingforgrowth.pdf

Mission Shaped Children Moving Towards a child centred church, by Margaret Withers (Church House Publishing, 2006). This report is part of a response to the Mission Shaped Church Report, Anglican in flavour and in its day provided an influential survey of trends and practical examples of a ways forward.


Hosted at YMCA’s George Williams College, a specialist youth work college in East London, this site has a vast amount of information on theory, ideas and practice for youth work and other informal education.