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Families & Faith

churchsupporthub.org/baptisms/ An online resource for ideas and support around baptisms, including those who do not normally attend churches.

Our Family God Adventure by V Beech (Nuneaton: Beech Publishing, 2010). A fun Bible and prayer activity sticker book.

Parenting Children for a Life of Faith by R.Turner (Abingdon: BRF, 2010).

Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose by R.Turner (Abingdon: BRF, 2014).

Side by Side with God in Everyday Life by Y. Morris (Abingdon: BRF, 2011). A book that encourages children to grow with God.

Stickyfaith by K.E Powell & C.Clark (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011). Everyday ideas to build lasting faith in your children.