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At its meeting of November 2012, the Southwark Diocesan Synod approved the Strategy for Ministry report - a major piece of work outlining the way forward for Southwark Diocese.

At the November 2015 Diocesan Synod, the Bishop of Croydon (Chair of the Strategy for Ministry Implementation Group) presented a final report on Strategy for Ministry. The members of Synod were asked to:

  • Receive the report.
  • Approve it as the direction for the strategic development of the Diocese for the next triennium.
  • Request the Diocesan Council of Trustees to ensure that the structures are in place to implement and monitor the suggested outcomes.
  • Request all members of Synod to actively and positively communicate, explain and promote the Vision (Appendix 2) and key Outcomes (paragraphs 9 –12) of the Report at all levels of the Diocese, including Deanery Synods, so that people, parishes and Deaneries are ready for the start on the implementation stage.
  • Request the Diocesan Council of Trustees to provide progress reports to Diocesan Synod on a regular basis.

The report was received and approved unanimously.

The Strategy for Ministry Group

The Strategy for Ministry Group was personally commissioned by Bishop Christopher in November 2011. Its purpose was to discern, in the light of the financial challenges facing the Diocese, how best to match ministry opportunities with available resources. The Group was asked to provide a ‘process and structure for discussing, forming and implementing a medium to longer term strategy for mission and ministry’, with a view to making recommendations for consideration by Bishop’s Council and Diocesan Synod.

The work of this Group primarily focused on ministry and how best to use our available resources to enable and promote the mission of the Diocese. The primary focus of mission in the Diocese is our Parishes and Deaneries and this Report suggests some strategies for the development of mission across the Diocese.

Group Membership

The Group was originally composed of:

Bishop Christopher  
The Venerable Christine Hardman (now retired) Archdeacon of Lewisham & Greenwich
The Venerable Stephen Roberts Archdeacon of Wandsworth
Mr John Kempsell Chair - Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF)
Mr Simon Parton then Diocesan Secretary
Mr Matt Hewitt IT Network Analyst

In March 2012 the Group was expanded to include:

Mr Adrian Greenwood Chair- Diocesan Synod House of Laity
The Venerable Dr Jane Steen now Archdeacon of Southwark
The Revd Trevor Mapstone Vicar, Croydon Emmanuel
The Revd Canon Wendy Robins Director of Communications
& Resources
Mr Richard Coe Secretary

The Implementation Group

At the meeting of the Bishop's Council on 24 November 2012, it was agreed to form an Implementation Group to take forward the work outlined in the Strategy for Ministry report.

Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of the Implementation Group, on behalf of the Bishop’s Council, is to oversee, co-ordinate and, where necessary, to direct the process to implement the recommendations contained in the Strategy for Mission report in accordance with the Action Plan agreed by Bishop’s Council.
  2. The Bishop’s Council will remain the primary forum for policy and decision making and the Implementation Group is to be directly accountable to the Bishop’s Council through regular reporting.

Group Membership

The Rt Revd Jonathan Clark Chair
The Revd Canon Wendy Robins Vice Chair
Mr Adrian Greenwood Chair - Deaneries Group
The Revd Canon Simon Butler Chair - Root and Branch Group
The Venerable Dr Jane Steen Archdeacon of Southwark
The Revd Canon Stephen Hance Diocesan Missioner
Ms Vasantha Gnanadoss Bishop’s Council (Battersea Deanery, Kingston Area)
Mrs Ruth Martin Diocesan Secretary
Mrs Christine Ridgewell Lay Chair, Charlton Deanery (Woolwich Area)
Mr Andrew Massiah Croydon Minister (Croydon Archdeaconry, Croydon Area)
The Revd Carol Coslett Rector Betchworth and Buckland, (Reigate Archdeaconry, Croydon Area)

The Deaneries Group

On of the key themes that emerged in the Archbishop’s Charge to Bishop Christopher on his enthronement as Bishop of Southwark was the development of Deaneries. The Strategy for Ministry Report contained suggestions as to how Deaneries might be affected. The Deaneries Group was formed to consider these suggestions as part of a remit to look at ways of breathing new life into our Deaneries.

Terms of Reference

Starting from and drawing on the contents of the Strategy for Ministry Report, the purpose of the Deaneries Group 'Breathing New Life into Deaneries' is to:

  1. Produce recommendations and resources for enabling Deaneries to operate with ‘new life’ in ministry and mission
  2. Propose a clear frame of reference for the role and functioning of Deaneries within  the Diocese
  3.  Propose a framework whereby, in the longer term, Area Deans and Lay Chairs in particular, and Deanery Synods in general, can share greater responsibilities in ministry and mission.

Group Membership

Mr Adrian Greenwood Chair, Bishops Council (Bermondsey Deanery, Woolwich Area)
Revd Paul Collier   Bishop’s Council (Dulwich Deanery, Woolwich Area)
Mrs Pat Dyer Lay Chair, Lambeth North Deanery (Kingston Area)
Mr Chris Elliott Bishop’s Council (Reigate Deanery, Croydon Area)
Revd Kit Gunasekera Lambeth South Deanery Community Development Advisor (Kingston Area)
Revd Alyson Peberdy Assistant Area Dean, Lewisham West Deanery (Woolwich Area)
Revd Christine Spurway Area Dean, Croydon South Deanery (Croydon Area)
The Rt Revd Michael Ipgrave to act as Consultant

The Root & Branch Group

Following the adoption by the November meeting of the Diocesan Synod of the Strategy for Ministry, the Bishop’s Council and the Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF) agreed to conduct a fundamental review of the Fairer Shares System in the Diocese.

The Root & Branch Group was formed to carry out that review. A report from the group was presented to and approved by Diocesan Synod in November 2013.

A Study Guide for PCC members was published in January 2014 to help inform discussions about what form any potential replacement system should take.

As part of the Root & Branch review of the Fairer Shares Scheme, the Review Group held open meetings in all six Archdeaconries during May
and June 2014. At these Archdeaconry Conversations questions and comments were taken and recorded. In addition, parishes were
encouraged to respond to the proposal for an offering based scheme through Richard Coe, Secretary to the Review Group. A list of the questions and comments can be found here and a more detailed response to some of them can be found here.

Terms of Reference

  1. In the light of the Strategy for Ministry Report (and especially Section 5), to undertake a thorough review of the Fairer Shares Scheme and to consider the implementation of a new or revised system
  2. The review should be:
    • theologically grounded;
    • mission focused;
    • financially coherent;
  3. Having gained the support of the Diocesan Board of Finance and the Bishop’s Council, to report its outcomes and recommendations to the Diocesan Synod at its meeting in November 2013.
  4. The Root & Branch Review Group is a body appointed by the Bishop’s Council and the Diocesan Board of Finance and reports formally to both bodies

Group Membership

The Revd Canon Simon Butler Chair, Bishop’s Council (Wandsworth Archdeaconry, Kingston Area)
Mr Ian Akhurst  DBF (Sutton Deanery, Croydon Area)
The Revd Hugh Balfour  Parish Rep (Bermondsey Deanery, Woolwich Area)
Mr David Clarson  Parish Rep (Lambeth Archdeaconry, Kingston Area)
Mr Richard Godden  Parish Rep (Lewisham & Greenwich Archdeaconry, Woolwich Area)
Ms Di Haslam Parish Rep (Reigate Archdeaconry, Croydon Area)
Ms Liz Holder  Parish Rep (Merton Deanery, Kingston Area)
The Revd Stephen Kuhrt  Parish Rep (Wandsworth Archdeaconry, Kingston Area)
The Revd Andrew Moughtin-Mumby Parish Rep (Southwark Archdeaconry, Woolwich Area)
Mrs Ruth Martin Diocesan Secretary
The Revd Canon Wendy Robins Vice Chair - Implementation Group
The Revd Vickie Sims DBF & Bishop’s Council (Croydon Archdeaconry, Croydon Area)
The Venerable Chris Skilton Bishop’s Council (Croydon Archdeaconry, Croydon Area)
Mrs Jackie Pontin Diocesan Stewardship Resources Officer (in attendance)
Mr Richard Coe PA to Diocesan Secretary
(in attendance)



The Rt Revd Jonathan Clark
Bishop of Croydon
(Chair, Implementation Group)

Mr Adrian Greenwood
(Chair, Deaneries Group)

The Revd Canon Simon Butler
(Chair, Root & Branch Group)