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Worldwide Links

Worldwide Links

The Mothers' Union is a worldwide Christian organisation with members in 81 countries.

In Southwark Diocese we have links with dioceses in Africa and India. We have members who are responsible for keeping in touch with fellow members in each of our links. Many branches also have their own worldwide links. We pray regularly for these members and their families. The information that we receive from our contacts enables us to pray for their special concerns and events. We are united together in a daily Wave of Prayer.

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Wave of Prayer 

31st August - 2nd September each year.

On the 9th August we celebrated our Founders day. It is good to remember and to give thanks for Mary Sumner.  When Mary became a grandmother she offered spiritual and practical help to her daughter and other young mothers.  The Mothers’ Union became an organization in 1876 and today we rejoice and give God the glory as we reach out to families across the world in over 80 countries.  Hence we have the Wave of Prayer. 

In the Southwark Wave of Prayer we pray for our linked dioceses of Harare in Zimbabwe, Machakos in Kenya, Ogori-Magongo in Nigeria, Ekiti in Nigeria and Phulbani in India.

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