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Celebrate Days

This year we are thrilled to be offering our members the chance to come and visit Mary Sumner House for our "Celebrate" Days. This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy learning about and looking around our beautiful and historic building. Experienced Mothers' Union guides will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. More information can be found here.

MU Enterprises


 Please visit https://mueshop.org/ or click on the banner above to go to our online shop where you can purchase a wide range of Christian occasion and greetings cards, gifts, books and also Mothers Union resources.

" Last year… we received almost half our community development budget from the profit on the income generated by MUe."  Mothers' Union

 A gift that makes a real difference 

Celebrate with us:

Whatever the occasion we have the gift for you. From Inspired by the Bible at just £7 to Expand a mind for £50, our diverse range of gifts has been designed to suit all budgets.

By giving an ethical gift you are supporting the work of Mothers' Union around the world.  We will send you a card and bookmark with details of your gift.

Click here for further information

ParentPort is run by the UK’s media regulators, who set and enforce standards across the media to protect children from inappropriate material.

Seen or heard something unsuitable for children? Maybe it was a programme on TV or online, a film, an advert, a video game or something in a magazine.

Parent Port - working together for media standardsAt ParentPort you can find out about the standards expected from the media, make a complaint and share your views.

 Bye Buy Childhood

The Bailey Review is now complete and has been presented.

You may already have had a chance to read parts in the media coverage,and formed your own thoughts about it.

Please click here to read the full Review

The Review is rather long, so if nothing else, we hope you will be able to have a look at the 14 recommendations on pages 13 - 19.

Reg Bailey has done exceedingly well and received an ovation at the General Meeting.

There are detractors, of course, and some feel that he hasn't gone far enough and others feel that the Government is again interfering with everyday life.

Nevertheless, the issue is out in the open and being discussed, and that cannot be a bad thing.

Please click here for the pdf files containing 'Taking action on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood: 5 things you can do in 2012' and read the latest developments in the MU ByeBuy campaign. It also includes a form to fill and send to Mary Sumner House whenever you take action! 

Support for children and families affected by imprisonment (SCIP)

This involves members working in over 50 prisons nationwide. They offer a wide range of help from supervising children's play areas in the visits hall to leading parenting courses in the prisons that enable inmates to return home with a new perspective on child care.

Recipe for a Smiley Face


  • Southwark Mothers’ Union cheque for £750
  • 75 metres+ of Xmas wrapping paper
  • 100+ assorted batteries
  • Miles of Sellotape
  • Lots of special labels

Shop carefully, buy 120 gifts, value £1086, 
fit batteries,
wrap, label with age and gender, on message label saying “With love and prayers from Southwark Mothers’ Union”
and deliver to HMP Belmarsh/Isis YOI Visitors’ Centre for Spurgeons (who manage the centre) to distribute.

Lots of happy smiley faces, the biggest smile is mine as I see the delight on the faces of parent/carers when they see that someone cares for them and their families in their time of trouble.


Away from it all project (AFIA)

This is a scheme to provide holidays and breaks for people experiencing financial or emotional hardship and who have not had a holiday in recent years. For others it is their first holiday ever.

Click here for further insights into the work of AFIA and read the current Southwark AFIA information leaflet