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Project Appraisal

Project Appraisal

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An APPRAISAL process for proposed Parish Development Projects

This page sets out the procedure that should be followed when parishes have a building development programme and is to ensure that the various Diocesan constituencies are informed and involved.


The Church of England has evolved over many centuries and consequently has ended up with a complicated structure of ownerships and responsibilities. Parishes are still evolving and occasionally come up with ideas affecting the use of buildings, which may, on the face of it, seem simple, but are often surrounded by difficulties. There have been a number of cases recently when parishes have proceeded with building projects and have been held up because there has been insufficient co-ordination between the various parties which have to be involved. This can result in tension as work may have been carried out in good faith, but has to be re-negotiated when the next stage is reached. The five areas that need to be co-ordinated are:

  • Title
  • Planning Controls
  • Building
  • Pastoral
  • Finance

Capital Projects Manual – March 2016

This is intended as a guide to help parishes who hope to develop Capital projects as part of their Mission Action Plan. Parishes are asked to use this process to access Diocesan advice and resources. If your parish has a vision to improve your buildings, we use this guide to help all building projects in the Southwark Diocese. Small simple projects will have short, quick plans. Larger projects (over£1 million) have more detail, carefully anticipating how the building’s new character will be different. This guide will help you plan and achieve. Right from the start of an idea, to a fit for purpose building.

The manual will help parishes to:

  • Decide and own the process in PCC meetings

  • Develop precise and detailed plans from your idea

  • Identify and contact Diocesan advisors

  • Consult with the congregation and local community

  • Prepare the Statement of Need for the Diocesan Advisory Committee

  • Foresee difficulties and tackle them

  • Manage the design stages

  • Secure permissions including Faculty and planning

  • Manage capital expenditure

  • Celebrate your success

These guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that the parish, the Archdeacon and Diocesan Officers can work together to help a project come to a successful conclusion.


It is recommended that when a parish contacts any Diocesan officer about a project that will involve development work of any form, they are asked to contact their Archdeacon who will call a "Project Appraisal Meeting". Development work which only involves the church building may not ultimately require an appraisal, but the Archdeacon still needs to know!