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A people with hearts on fire, loving God, walking with Jesus and led by the Spirit

Faith and Community

Faith and Community Declaration

In addition to the original signatories, the following have pledged their support for the Faith and Community Declaration

Signed by:

Joshua Rey
Melissa Yee
Charles Alexander
Jennette Arnold OBE AM
Mavarine A. Du-Marie
Jill Gregson
Jonathan Haynes
Helen Harknett
Alastair Cutting
Anne Coates
John Heyderman
Jayde Russell
Jane Andrews
Hatta Hodson
Revd Chidi Mbanude
Ginny Eaton
Marian Mollett
David Eaton
Kemi Akinola, be-enriched.org
Chris Ruse
Barry Nichols
Ruth Ruse
Cllr Ross Houston
Jen Houghton
Claudine McCreadie
Sally Cannon
Susan Lloyd
Jim Ballinger
Deborah Ballinger-Mills
Christopher Stephens
Tina Ruygrok
Anne Stephens
Susan Hayman
Jane Hayman
Revd Dr Paul Baiden-Adams
Lesley Anne Reynolds

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