Our Vision

A people with hearts on fire, loving God, walking with Jesus and led by the Spirit

Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation

‘Committed to the Common Good, Social Justice and the Care of Creation with a radical focus on kingdom values'

The Diocese has long been committed to addressing the evolving nature of social policy, caused by the changing political, social and economic climate of our times.  It is our Christian mandate to shine the light of God’s love in every area of life, and the mission of the Diocese is to voice the concerns of the church as the body of Christ, as well as striving to create a just and caring world, where all peoples can participate and flourish. As Bishop Christopher said in his pastoral letter at Candlemas 2016:

“As we seek to grow the seeds of the Kingdom, particularly among the poor and marginalised in our societies, we will find ourselves being drawn into active partnerships not only with our fellow Christians, but also with people from other faith communities, and with a wide range of groups in civic society. Working together for the common good is the visible sign of our commitment to the world that God loves so much. The poverty, inequality and insecurity so evident in many parts of our diocese sharpens our commitment to seeking God’s justice, peace and reconciliation in our communities”.

The aim of the Department is to advise and resource the Diocesan and Area Bishops and parishes on the range of current issues of social concern encountered by parishes through their mission to communities across South London and Surrey.  The team in the Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Department gathers, collates, analyses and disseminates information from a range of sources on the impact public policies have on the lives of those we are called to serve, in our local communities and the wider society.  The Department will offer support to assist parishes to take an active role in localised issues as well as celebrate the rich and diverse ways in which parishes remain at the heart of communities and serve as beacons for social change. These broadly map onto the three marks of mission that focus on the common good, justice and kingdom values.  The work of the Department draws on the biblical imperative outlined by Jesus in Luke Chapter 4 vs. 18-19.

2016 Work Plan

Throughout 2016, the department is encouraging parishes and schools to engage in the Jubilee Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis, and to be intentional in their acts of mercy to the vulnerable and needy in our society and world. 

The department has developed a quarterly focus on four key areas:

  1. January – March: Housing justice and homelessness.
  2. April – June: Migration, Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  3. July – September: Poverty
  4. October – December: Imprisonment and Detention

Our Tasks

  • Address Poverty & Social Injustice and Inequality
  • Promote Diversity & Inclusion
  • Partner with Local and National Ecumenical & Civil Society Groups
  • Foster theological reflections and informed action on the missional marks of social justice, loving service and the integrity of creation.
  • Signpost clergy to Diocesan and external networks of support and training
  • Encourage and resource parishes, schools and chaplaincies in multi-religious contexts
  • Resource and develop the Christian response to poverty, to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people in our areas
  • Gather, collate and analyse information and insights on key issues

The Staff