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Parish Publicity Contacts

A growing network of people have taken on the role of helping their parishes to publicise themselves and be the first point of contact for all publicity issues from the Diocese. They are known as Parish Publicity Contacts.

We hope that this network of people will enable a number of things to happen:

  • Communications will hear about what is happening in the parishes across the Diocese
  • Communication will be able to pass on good news and examples of good practice.
  • the development of a 'peer to peer' network so that parishes can talk to each other about publicity matters
  • Parish Publicity Contacts can be a support to each other.

Do you know if your parish has a Parish Publicity Contact? Ask your Incumbent and if the answer is no, consider giving it a try yourself. You don't have to have experience (although it sometimes comes in handy) but you do need enthusiasm - and an e-mail address!

For more details contact The Bridge.