Our Vision

A people with hearts on fire, loving God, walking with Jesus and led by the Spirit

Saint Helier: Bishop Andrewes

(within the parish of St Helier, St Peter)


Wigmore Road


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Parish website: www.parishofsthelier.co.uk

Sunday Services

See parish website: www.parishofsthelier.co.uk

Introduction to parish

We are a small community of people, of all ages, who seek to worship God by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and by serving Him in the local community.

Bishop Andrewes is part of the Church of England, and together with our sister church, St Peter's, we serve the parish of St Helier.

Details of Church

Built: 1932
Architect: Geddes Hyslop
Listing: not listed

The church was built in 1932 to the design of Mr Geddes Hyslop ARIBA. It has a central squat tower with 3 bays of pointed arch construction in reinforced concrete to east and west. The sanctuary occupies the east end and since reordering the worship area terminates at the crossing. A new vestry occupies the north aisle.

A large hall now takes up the transepts and crossing with sliding/folding doors in to the worship area to allow for expansion on special occasions. The west end contains a small hall, kitchen, lobby, lavatories, etc. with gallery over.