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Deepening Discipleship

Growing in Faith and Life: The Bishop’s Certificate in Discipleship 2016-17

Discipleship is the process of becoming who you are; being transformed by encounters with God; being formed in obedience to the gospel and deepening your response to God in prayer, worship and service. The Bishop’s Certificate modules consist of ten hours teaching, together with reading, activities and optional assignments. The course can be followed through a single year or over a longer period.

The programme for this and other resources, training and events that support discipleship and ministry can be found in the Deepening Discipleship brochure.

Those who achieve the Bishop’s Certificate will have completed all six modules and the related assignments. There will be a mixture of assignments on offer including practical activities, keeping a reflective journal and writing essays. Participants will be allocated a mentor who will help them to identify their learning goals and to choose assignments.

The Bishop’s Certificate in Discipleship has six modules and a residential retreat. Each module gives opportunity to discuss and reflect on what being Christian means through:

  • Exploring our identity and the church

  • Remembering the people of God and the Old Testament

  • Following Jesus through the New Testament

  • Believing the teachings of the Church: questions of faith and doctrine

  • Challenging the world and ourselves: ethics and mission in the modern world

  • Responding in the power of the Holy Spirit: in prayer, worship and understanding our vocation

The course is for you if you want to gain confidence in speaking about faith, deepen your life of prayer, read the bible with more understanding, apply biblical teaching to your life, reflect on your personal journey with Jesus and make sense of Christian life in the world.

Those involved in leadership roles within church and parish life will greatly benefit from the foundations Growing in Faith and Life provides to help resource roles in leading home groups, contributing to services, pastoral care and mission and PCC governance.

The course forms a foundation year for lay ministry training in the Diocese. Those undertaking the certificate as part of such training are supported by a ministry mentor who will enable them to reflect on how the course applies to the particular role they are preparing for. The modules and course are also a helpful tool for those working with a vocations advisor to consider Reader or Ordained ministry.

The cost of the course is £200 for the whole programme including the residential weekend, or £20 per module. Many participants on previous courses have gained support towards these costs from their parishes.

Application forms are available by contacting the Discipleship & Ministry Department

Are you currently on the Growing in Faith and Life Course? Access module guides and supplementary reading material.