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A people with hearts on fire, loving God, walking with Jesus and led by the Spirit

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The Department of Discipleship and Ministry run three annual programmes to provide resources, advice and learning for individuals, parishes and groups. Our Deepening Discipleship series of events and courses focus on ways to enable the whole people of God to grow as disciples – followers of Jesus active in God’s mission to the world. Core to this programme is the Growing in Faith and Life course – a year long discipleship course. GIFL also provides a foundation course in theology for those in lay leadership roles. In Ministry Matters we provide a series of events and structured learning groups to support all those in authorised ministry in the diocese. Ministry Matters seeks to address the pertinent issues faced by all those seeking to exercise authorised ministry in today’s church, across challenging contexts. Wychcroft, our Diocesan Resource and Retreat Centre, is regularly used for a number of events in these two programmes. In addition to organised events Wychcroft offers individuals space for personal study, reflection and prayer in personal or guided retreats. The house and facilities are also available to hire for away days and residential meetings for Parish groups, PCC’s and teams.

Hearts on Fire: Being Confident Disciples of Jesus Today

We’re sorry to say that the Hearts on Fire Lay conference for the Kingston Area, scheduled for Sat 17 June, has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule this type of event for a later date. Despite the date and event information going out in advance in a variety of communications we did not have the bookings required for a conference of this nature. We are aware that the day did clash with a number of significant other events and also that despite our efforts some people were not fully aware of the day and the programme. We will reflect on the timing and publicity strategy and are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have already contacted those who booked in and full refunds have been issued. This event was one which asked people to pre-book. However, we are aware that some people may still need , but we are aware that’s some people may still need to be made aware of its cancelation. There are advance details of the significant events for the coming 12 months in the Deepening Discipleship brochure so please do have a look at this when you are able at www.southwark.anglcian.org/deepeningdiscipleship. We will be sending copies of this programme to all churches in the diocese in the next few weeks. Once again, sorry to disappoint those of you who had booked in for the day. Please do get in touch if you want to feedback anything you thing would help in our planning for future events of this type.

Nick Shepherd, Assistant Director of Discipleship & Ministry