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Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee

The Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee (DMPC) is a statutory committee established by the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 and is part of the Diocesan Council of Trustees (DCT). 

Here is a link to the Measure: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukcm/2011/3/enacted

The Chair of the DMPC is the Archdeacon of Lambeth, the Venerable Simon Gates and the Secretary is Canon Stephen Roberts.

The duties of the DMPC are laid down in section 3 of the Measure.
These may be summarised as follows: to review the arrangements for pastoral supervision and care in the Diocese and to make recommendations to the Bishop. In practice this involves consideration, after consultation with the Archdeaconry Mission and Pastoral Committees (AMPCs), of suspension of presentations to a benefice, pastoral reorganisation (e.g. team and group ministries, union of benefices, creation of new benefices/parishes, changes in parish boundaries, redundancy of churches, etc.), local ecumenical projects, Bishop’s Mission Orders, etc. The DMPC can also be concerned with other matters of Diocesan policy.

The Measure states that ‘In carrying out any of its functions the mission and pastoral committee shall … have regard to worship, mission and community as central to the life and work of the Church of England’.

The DMPC is served by the Pastoral Department at the Diocesan Office and any questions relating to the procedures outlined above should be addressed to that department or to the Diocesan Registry. Any proposals from parishes that fall within the area of ‘pastoral reorganisation’ should be discussed, in the first instance, with the archdeacon.

For further information or assistance, please contact Stephen Roberts at the Diocesan Office.

Archdeaconry Mission & Pastoral Committees

Archdeaconry Mission & Pastoral Committees (AMPCs) are sub-committees of the Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee. AMPCs are kept relatively small, most commonly one lay and one ordained member from each deanery.
The function of the AMPC is to consider matters before they come to the DMPC, and occasionally to other Diocesan committees, in considerably greater detail than would be possible at DMPC meetings, and make formal recommendations to the DMPC.

The archdeacon is ex-officio chair of the AMPC. AMPCs have the power to co-opt. Area Deans (and, in some cases, also Lay Chairs), if not members in their own right, are usually invited to attend and speak, but without voting rights, for items dealing with parishes within their deaneries. The archdeaconry ecumenical officer is also invited to attend the meetings, normally as a member.