Our Vision

Hearts on Fire with a Vision for growth

Diocesan Council of Trustees

2019 DCT
• 28 February (6pm-8pm)
• 22 May (6pm-8pm)
• 24 July (6pm-8pm)
• 12 October (10pm-4pm)
• 5 December (6pm-8pm)

2020 DCT
• 27 February (6pm-8pm)
• 13 May (6pm-8pm)
• 21 July (6pm-8pm)
• 17 October (10pm-4pm)
• 10 December (6pm-8pm)

2021 DCT
• 2 March (6pm-8pm)
• 13 May (6pm-8pm)
• 21 July (6pm-8pm)
• 16 October (10pm-4pm)
• 8 December (6pm-8pm)

Chair: The Bishop of the Diocese
Secretary: The Diocesan Secretary


The Diocesan Council of Trustees holds, through its four constituent bodies, responsibility for the policy, financial and pastoral decisions necessary to implement the vision and strategy of Diocesan Synod. 
The four constituent bodies of the Diocesan Council of Trustees are:

  • the Bishop’s Council;
  • the Diocesan Board of Finance;
  • the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee;
  • the Diocesan Parsonages Board. 

These remain legally distinct bodies with identical membership. Their meetings are normally distinct but not separate.

All members, whether elected or nominated, of the Diocesan Council of Trustees are full voting members of all its constituent bodies.  They engage in debate and decision from the perspective of all these bodies. 

As members of the Diocesan Board of Finance, members are also Directors and Trustees.  Members of the Diocesan Council of Trustees therefore have all the usual responsibilities of trustees.

As Trustees, members take responsibility for timely, accurate and local communication.  They are expected to consult with and to report to deaneries and parishes by means of whose election they become members.

Frequency of Meetings

The Diocesan Council of Trustees normallymeets five times per year.


The Bishops of Southwark, Croydon, Kingston and Woolwich;
The Archdeacons
Chair of House of Laity
Chair of House of Clergy
Chair & Vice Chair of Diocesan Board of Finance

Elected members:
Croydon Area
The Revd Alison Way
The Revd Phil Andrew
Jacqueline Dean
Christopher Elliot
Lotwina Farodoye
Alex Helliwell
David Keiller

Kingston Area
The Revd Canon Dr Susan Clarke
The Revd Canon Ailsa Newby
Dr Nicholas Burt
Elizabeth Simon

Woolwich Area
The Revd Canon Kim Hitch
The Revd Jonathan Sedgwick
Bill Bishop
Anne Coates
Michael Hartley

Bishop's Nominee: Anne Deering
Stephen Wilmer (Chair of Audit & Governance Committee)
The Revd Barry Nicholls (Chair of Investment Committee)