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Bishop's Council

Bishop's Council

The Bishop’s Council is one of the four constituent bodies of the Diocesan Council of Trustees. 

Chair: The Bishop of the Diocese
Secretary: The Diocesan Secretary

The Bishop’s Council is the Standing Committee of the Diocesan Synod.  It:

  • approves policy to implement strategy;
  • sets targets and scrutinises performance in key areas of activity e.g. progress under Strategy for Ministry;
  • receives reports preliminary to or on behalf of Synod in accordance with an agreed cycle or exceptionally on the recommendation of the Policy and Finance Committee, e.g. from WelCare, diocesan departments (Vocations, Training, Mission, MEACC), the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education;
  • may carry out Synod’s work when Synod is not in session; 
  • advises the bishop when he so requests;
  • is subject to Synod’s direction, plans its business, initiates proposals for its action.

It also nominates members to other bodies, e.g. WelCare.

Same membership as the Diocesan Council of Trustees