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Audit & Governance

Audit and Governance

Chair: Stephen Wilmer
Secretary: The Diocesan Secretary

The Audit Committee has a wide remit. It has authority from the Diocesan Council of Trustees (Diocesan Board of Finance) to:

  1. Investigate any activity
  2. Seek any information that it requires from any employee of the Board; all employees are directed to co-operate with any request made
  3. Inquire as to the numbers of committee meetings, cancellations of meetings and additional meetings of diocesan governance bodies throughout the year, as well as to note the number of non-governance meetings
  4. Obtain outside professional advice as deemed necessary; such advisors may attend meetings as invited
  5. To support the Diocesan Council of Trustees (Diocesan Board of Finance) in overseeing all issues of financial probity
  6. To support the Diocesan Council of Trustees (Bishop’s Council, Diocesan Board of Finance) in scrutinising the on-going suitability of governance

Frequency of Meetings

The Audit and Governance Committee shall meet least four times a year but the chair may determine that there should be more meetings in any one year.

At least two members of the Diocesan Council of Trustees but not the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance.