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How the Diocese works

Administration  and  Governance

The Diocesan administration

Trinity House

Trinity House

Southwark Diocesan Office
Trinity House
4 Chapel Court
Borough High Street

Tel: 020 7939 9400
Fax: 020 7939 9468
General e-mail: trinity@southwark.anglican.org


Select an office: Diocesan Administration, Croydon, Kingston, Woolwich

The Croydon Episcopal Area Office

St Matthew's House
100 George Street

Tel: 020 8256 9630
Fax: 020 8256 9631
E-mail Croydon Area Office

The Kingston Episcopal Area Office

620 Kingston Road
Raynes Park
SW20 8DN

Tel: 020 8545 2440
Fax: 020 8545 2441
E-mail Kingston Area Office

The Woolwich Episcopal Area office

Trinity House
4 Chapel Court
Borough High Street

Tel: 020 7939 9400
Fax: 020 7939 9465
E-mail Woolwich Area Office

Clergy details (including e-mail addresses) may be found with individual parish contact details on the parish pages.


Diocesan Governance structure

In July 2015 the Southwark Diocesan Synod approved recommendations from the Fit For Purpose Group which change radically the way the Diocese is governed, addressing the need to bring resources, finance and policy more closely together. 

Out of these recommendations came the creation of a Diocesan Council of Trustees (DCT), which is an umbrella body bringing together the Bishop’s Council, Diocesan Board of Finance, Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee and the Diocesan Parsonages Board. These remain legally distinct bodies with identical membership. Their meetings are normally distinct but not separate.

75% of the membership of the DCT is elected from clergy and lay Diocesan Synod members and all members, whether elected or nominated, are full voting members of all its constituent bodies. They engage in debate and decision from the perspective of all these bodies.

As members of the Diocesan Board of Finance, members are also Directors and Trustees. Members of the DCT therefore have all the usual responsibilities of trustees.

The DCT has two subcommittees: Audit & Governance, and Policy & Finance. Policy and Finance has two sub-committees of its own: Investment and Remuneration.